Buying Source Code for App Flipping, a Tricky But Lucrative Business

Whether you’re someone that’s always abreast with the latest going once in the world of technology or you keep your fair distance with it, no matter which side of the team you are, it’s impossible not to hear and see some or the other news related to Mobile technology on ungagged. Just recently, the Internet is abuzz with smartphones being used as your personal health monitor. With tech being under development that would not only track your physical activities like running and jogging [apps for that already exists] but also check your blood sugar.

All this personalized information gathering needs devices that are more in-tune with the human body, which are almost always in contact with the wearer’s skin for long periods of time, for example. This is where Wearable tech comes in, a €smartwatch€ for instance, that’s been integrated with the user’s smartphone can easily and effective communicate with the user in a seamless and efficient manner and can also offer the accessibility and convenience factor. And looking at the general public’s overwhelming response and demand for such solutions, it is evident that this is a glimpse of the future. You can learn emerging technologies from the best ungagged seo experts.

So, it’s only evident that more and more people would be interested in making this a financial venture. App development is burgeoning into a very lucrative business overnight in a very short amount of time. And the fact that many people have found insane amounts of success is only adding to people’s interest in the business. Well, if you’re one of them then there are two ways to go about it. One is coming up with a fresh, unique idea that you think might draw enough interest from your audience that it’ll get you a decent return on investment. But then again, this is the more riskier of the two options. The other one being buying the source code of an app and then turning it into your own.

Now, to understand this a little better. You must be thinking to yourself, how and why is this a thing?Well, the answer to this can be understood with an example, suppose you’re a developer with a finished game that is doing pretty well at the app stores where you’ve made it available. Now, after a point of time, the income will start to dwindle down. That’s when you come up with a plan to make the source code of your game licensed and available for other developers to buy and use according to your license rules. This creates for you an additional source of income and at no additional cost. Others, if they have an alternate idea for your game like making it available for a new audience altogether for example can go ahead and buy source code from you and reskin it.

And if you’re at the other side of the spectrum, wherein you are looking to buy source code of a popular game or app and looking to redo it and create your own flavor of the game or app, then there a few useful tips that can come in handy and turn your efforts profitable as well.

Always remember that time is of essence. You should be able to get the source code and make it available at the app store in as little time as possible. Buying or hiring help to create more than 4 app flipping projects of the same code is a good idea. This way, even if one or two of them get rejected you’ll still have 2 or 3 of the flipped apps to generate revenue. It is beneficial to have more than one account on the store so that you can upload multiple reskinned version of the same app can be uploaded through different accounts to as to minimize your chances of a suspension or rejection.

A little R&D never hurt anyone, so make sure that the source code are you are putting your money into, is worth it. In the sense that it isn’t buggy, and if it has a wide platform support the better.