7 Winning Internet Marketing Strategies For Flipping Houses

While there are many traditional forms of marketing that still work for flipping houses, including direct mail, signs and in-person networking, today you will find you can reach far more prospects much faster and often cheaper by using these Internet marketing strategies.

1. Webinars

webinar1Webinars are excellent tools for flipping houses. Hosting your own webinar allows you to pitch to literally thousands of prospects anywhere in the world simultaneously. In addition to being an incredible time saver this will allow you build up an excitement about your properties and offer special deals to motivate those on the webinar to act immediately and buy your homes.


2. Easy Landing Pages

landing_pageThe truth is you don’t really need an expansive or fancy traditional website for flipping houses. In fact it can often take away from the effectiveness of your online advertising. Such information will be provided by these conference.  After all you just want potential buyers to give you their contact information or to call you right away so that you can close them right? So think basic landing pages or ‘squeeze’ pages instead with just enough info to grab their attention and spike interest. Plus this will cost a lot less too.

3. Email Marketing

email marketingBelieve it or not, despite all the new Internet marketing opportunities that have emerged over the last couple of years email marketing still reigns as one of the best choices for those flipping houses. Email marketing has come full circle and is now once again producing great results for those who are doing it right. So build your list and give it another go and to know more seek help of ungagged 2014 proffesionals.

4. Twitter

twitterTwitter is one of the easiest to use and most effective Internet marketing tools, yet still remains one of the most underestimated. With the adoption of a few tools like Tweet Adder and taking a proactive approach to adding followers you can quickly build up a lot of new contacts and make flipping houses easier by getting your hot deals immediately into the hands of those who are looking to buy.

5. Facebook

facebook1It is no longer a matter of just needing to be on Facebook. Now you must be making an effort to stand this social networking platform. Some real estate investing businesses are now even replacing their websites with Facebook business pages as they provide so much more interactivity. You also need to be aware that there is only a small window of opportunity to pick up the best custom URLs which will prove to be incredibly valuable.

6. Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingBy next year we will likely see Internet usage on mobile devices surpassing desktop usage. Potential buyers on the hunt for homes now want instant answers on the road wherever they are. So look for opportunities to advertise through other company’s mobile apps and make sure your website is optimized for the mobile web so you can meet the demand.

7. Affiliate Networks

afficted networkMinimize your marketing expenses and expand your reach by setting up your own reseller network of affiliate partners who will promote your properties so that you can be flipping houses faster and increase your volume. Set on your time to  promote your business  and You provide the inventory, they bring you the buyers, it’s a win !